The International Society for Gynecologic Endoscopy was formed in 1989 by a group committed endoscopists from Europe and North America, who were soon joined by others from all over the world. They recognized the need for a scientific group who would meet at regular intervals to share their knowledge and expertise in gynecologic endoscopy.

EXCO Members

Noé Guenter
Noé GuenterPresident
  • Germany
Paya Resad Pasic
Paya Resad PasicImmediate Past President
  • USA
Eddy Hartono
Eddy HartonoVice President
  • Indonesia
Anneli Linnamagi
Anneli LinnamagiSecretary
  • Finland
Tamer Seckin
Tamer SeckinHonorary Treasurer
  • USA
Bruno Van Herendael
Bruno Van HerendaelMedical Director
  • Belgium
Paula Simons
Paula SimonsExecutive Director
  • Malta
Jianming Song
Jianming SongDirector of the China Effort
  • China
Mimi Fujitaka
Mimi FujitakaDirector of the Japan Effort
  • Japan
Michael Di Cesare
Michael Di CesareDirector Financial Committee
  • Canada
Anthia Zammit
Anthia ZammitDirector of the Legal Committee

Board Africa

Annelize Barnard
Annelize Barnard2019-2023
  • South Africa
Jack Biko
Jack Biko2020- 2024
  • South Africa
Emmanuel Nzau Ngoma
Emmanuel Nzau Ngoma2022- 2027
  • Central Africa
Amal Drizi
Amal Drizi2020- 2024
  • Algeria
Adel Sedrati
Adel Sedrati2020- 2024
  • Algeria

Board America Central / South

Jorge Dotto
Jorge Dotto2019-2023
  • Argentina

Board America North

Ceana Nezhat
Ceana Nezhat2021-2025
  • North America

Board Asia

Meenu Agarwal
Meenu Agarwal2022-2025
  • India
Yan Kuang
Yan Kuang2019-2023
  • China
Jianliu Wang
Jianliu Wang2022-2026
  • China

Board Europe

Dusan Djokovic
Dusan Djokovic2020-2024
  • Portugal
Michael Anapolski
Michael Anapolski2019-2023
  • Germany

Board Middle East

Ameneh Haghgoo
Ameneh Haghgoo2019-2023
  • Iran

Board Oceania

Ajay Rane
Ajay Rane2019-2023
  • Australia