The International Society for Gynecologic Endoscopy is committed, by its Mission Statement to enhance the quality of the practice of endoscopy throughout the world. Therefore at this moment in time the ISGE is structuring an Accreditation program that will be accessible to all our members.

This program will be structured so that the Accreditation will be of academic and legal value in the specific country where the specific member applying for ISGE Accreditation. To achieve this goal the ISGE Task Force for the Accreditation of Gynecological Endoscopy (TFAGE), under the guidance of the ISGE President Professor  Bruno van Herendael, has called on a world renowned specialist in accreditation Professor Walter Costantini of Milan University in Italy. They have together elaborated the ISGE accreditation program.

This accreditation concerns hysteroscopy and laparoscopy and also the structures and the services where the gynaecological endoscopy is performed as to create a safe environment where the ISGE accredited professional can perform her/his endoscopy.
The accreditation is in no way a competition to the different ISGE courses under the guidance of the ISGE Courses Chair Professor Bashkar Goolab of South Africa. Professor Goolab is the president of the South African Society of Obstetrics and Gynaecology and representative of South Africa within the Executive Board of FIGO. Professor Goolab runs very successful ISGE courses both in South Africa and the rest of the world.
The list of the ISGE courses is to be found here.

The courses are conceived to give our ISGE members and members to be a feel of the basic and advanced endoscopic procedures. Therefore most of the courses are not just theoretical but comprehend or large parts of live surgical procedures or adapted hands on sessions. A typical example is the suture course where theory is combined with at least four hours of lab exercises a say. ISGE is proud of the achievements and would like to welcome you to one of its courses.

Entrance to the certification

In close understanding with the +he Accademy MedCollege, the logistical partner of ISGE (International Society for Gynecologic Endoscopy) does organize a skill test, LASTT, to select the members for a curriculum in the ISGE Accreditation (MedCollege is a company according to European law under the form of a GEIE society for the enhancement of electronic advances established in Rome).

MedCollege does deliver a certificate of skills. The testing occurs during the conferences of the ISGE unless otherwise communicated.

The further steps of the ISGE Accreditation are performed by the ISGE Taskforce for Accreditation and in collaboration with a university or the local authorities in the country of the applicant.

Accreditation STEP I

When the member has a certificate of MedCollege he or she does receive the recommendation to go to the to study the ISGE syllabus.

According to the demand once or more times a year a STEP I Week will be organized to obtain the degree of ISGE Master of Gynecologic Endoscopic Surgery. The location will be announced at least five months before the venue.

Theory will be given on the bases of the ISGE syllabus and practical exercises on suturing will be provided for.

At the end of the week an exam will be held both on the theoretical knowledge (Multiple Choice Questions) and on the skill of suturing.

Within six weeks at the latest the candidates will be notified concerning the results.

Accreditation STEP II

After acceptance to the STEP II leading to the degree of Advanced surgeon in the Gynecologic Endoscopic Surgery the candidates will be handed an electronic log book to register their endoscopic surgeries and to store at least four photo’s of each intervention or a video concerning the essential steps of the latter.

The STEP II needs at least 50 laparoscopies – operative- and/or 50 hysteroscopies – operative within the timespan of three years.

After the consignation of the logbook the ISGE Accreditation Taskforce will deliberate on the acceptance or the refusal of the candidate to access to the STEP III level. A detailed explanation will be notified to the candidate in case of non-acceptance.

Accreditation STEP III

This step leads to the degree of Master in the Gynecologic Endoscopic Surgery.

A thesis of between 2000 and 3000 words is expected to be accompanied by four photographs of each case if multiple cases are presented. Excluding references (maximum 40 in number).

Here the applicant has to bring into the logbook at least 200 endoscopic procedures in the time frame of maximum four years and minimum two years.

The applicants can choose to be Master in laparoscopic or in hysteroscopic surgery or in both. In the case the applicant wants to be recognised in both 300 procedures are to be listed in the logbook, 150 laparoscopies and 150 hysteroscopies.

A final test will be held in the theatre of the candidate judging on repetitive movements during a classical surgery in presence of a member of the local university, patron of the ISGE Accreditation, and of one or more ISGE Accreditation Taskforce members using the MedCollege App as to witness the endoscopic picture and the condition of the theatre.

In the unlikely case of non-acceptance again a detailed explanation will be given to the candidate.

Download PDF – ISGE Accreditation in Endoscopy