IISGE is a truly international society but remains to be a family for the minimal invasive surgeon in gynecology (…) Please ask your questions and everybody from the Board of the ISGE is here to answer and help you!
Em. Professor Bruno Van Herendael, ISGE’s Medical Director.

In the light of these warm words, we have the pleasure to welcome you in this forum, an interactive space dedicated for all ISGE members around the world, where they can speak their minds, ask questions, share their experiences, preoccupations, and get experts’ opinions and guidance regarding the difficulties they encounter in their practice.

Objectives & rules

This Forum is also dedicated to informing ISGE members about the Society’s activities which they are very welcome to take part to.
The following engagement rules are to be respected in order to make this forum a helpful and peaceful space for everyone of us:

  • All topics must be related to gynecologic endoscopy. Thank you for respecting the forum’s vocation.
  • English is the language of the forum. Thank you for not writing in any other language.
  • Thank you for your efforts to write in a correct way, so the readers can understand and respond to your needs in the best possible way.

  • Titles should be clear, short and explicit. Remember that the clearer the title, the more we read and respond to you.
  • Every member is responsible for the content he shares and assumes total responsibility for it.
  • Thank you for protecting the patients’ right to privacy. If any videos/pictures shared, there has to be no way of recognizing the patient.
  • ISGE could not be blamed for any misuse of the data shared in this forum or malpractice. Everyone takes full responsibility for the medical treatment provided to his patients.
  • All forum members should be treated with respect and courtesy. It would be pleasant to get accustomed to using “Hello”, “Please” and “thank you” in all your requests.
  • Disrespectful, belittling, intimidating and defamatory attitudes are not allowed. There is no “stupid question”, and everyone should feel very welcome to share his concerns without being judged, or insulted.
  • Illegal, harmful and inappropriate contents are strictly prohibited.
  • Any content that does not respect these rules will be deleted. Moreover, insisting on violating the rules will lead to the member’s expulsion from the forum.
  • Thank you for warning the moderators of any inappropriate content.

Again: this space is all yours! So “welcome home”!