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During these two and a half days you will be immersed in laparoscopic suturing.
One-hour theoretical sessions are alternated with two hours of practical training.

Day 1

  • Suturing and stitching usable in laparoscopic surgery and practical examples. Needles and threads (which ones and when to use)
  • Introduction and removal of needles and sutures in abdominal cavity: analysis of different techniques.
    • Loading the needle.
    • Adjusting the needle.
  • Practical Training
  • Stitching techniques depending on different suture line orientation (by using right and left hand, median and lateral trocars).
  • Practical Training

Day 2

  • Extracorporeal knot tying.
  • Pre-knotted loops and their practical applications.
  • Practical training
  • Intracorporeal knot tying (with or without needle)
    • Wrapping on right, left, median instrument
    • Recuperation techniques: smiley and knot for free
    • Twist technique (“spaghetti”)
    • Intracorporeal slipknot
  • Practical training

Day 3

  • Continuous suturing with or without starter knot;
    • Different techniques of performing the terminal knot.
    • Introduction to the use of self-retaining sutures
  • Practical Training
  • Question an answering session


The ETCA -team will help you in your progress in endoscopic suturing.
The team consists of

  • Prof BJ van Herendael
  • Dr B De Vree
  • Dr A-S Maryns

Practical information

A maximum of 8 participants are admitted per course.
The registration fee is 250 EUR. To be paid in advance. Inscription is final upon reception of the registration fee.
Interested to participate? Link: info@etca.be.

  • ETCA Lange Beeldekensstraat, 267
    2060 Antwerp – Belgium
  • For all information and registration contact Karlien van Herendael by info@etca.be
    Visit our website www.etca.be

Intensive laparoscopic suturing course

Please email your registration to info@etca.be

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