Below you can find the current confirmed presentations and videos for the ISGE Annual Meeting in Split. Please visit regular as it is subject to change.

YES presentations Hisham Arab Prize

  • Robert CareyAustralia
  • Anne Sophie MarynsBelgium
  • Megan CestaUSA
  • Tanvir TanvirIndia
  • Shouhua YangPeoples Republic China

Best video presentations ISGE Prize

  • Jullie BettendorfBelgium
  • Sanket PisatIndia
  • Sanjay ShanbhagIndia
  • Ameneh HaghooIran
  • Yan KuangPeoples Republic China
  • Junije WangPeoples Republic China

Video sessions

  • Lamia BenamerAlgeria
  • Samia NebbaliAlgeria
  • Sanket PisatIndia
  • Changmei SangPeoples Republic China
  • Qianqing WangPeoples Republic China

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August 27-29, 2021 - Split - Croatia