The website was born in 1998 by the minds of Alfonso Rossetti and Ornella Sizzi, the On-line Video Journal Publishers. Since 2008 it has become the Official Scientific Journal of the ISGE and in 2009 the brother website was born. Full functionality is currently integrated in the ISGE-platform and available for its members.


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Instructions for video presentations

  • You will be required to write an Abstract for your video. The abstract must not exceed 3.000 characters.
  • Please include the following:
    Full name(s) of author(s).
    Highest academic degree(s) of author(s). Do not include US fellowship designations or honorary designations.
    Affiliation(s). Include only the department, institution name, city, state, and country.
    Address, e-mail address, telephone number and fax number for one author as the corresponding author.

  • All videos should be edited and preferably narrated. Narration must be in English.
  • Productions must not be longer than 15 minutes including titles and a spoken narrative.
  • Video size should not exceed 2 GB.
  • The preferred format is MPEG4 format, but also .MOV, .AVI, .MV, .MPEGPS, .FLV, 3GPP, WebM are accepted.
  • Recommended Video Format is 16:9. Video resolution: 720 pixels (1280 x 720) or up.
  • Key Words (from the standard Index Medicus MeSH terminology) in maximum number of six.

  • Disclosure of Conflicts of Interest and Sources of Financial Support.
    Authors must state any financial interest they have in any commercial device, equipment, instrument, or drug that is a subject of the article. Relevant financial support and any conflicts of interest must be disclosed by all authors and reviewers. Authors must also disclose if the manuscript discussion includes the use of products for which they are not labeled (ie, off-label use).

Submit your video

Currently, submissions for TheTrocar.TV are closed.

All manuscripts should be sent in to