Dear ISGE Members,

Attached to this mailing you will find the results of the survey on the preferred way gynaecologists perform hysterectomy of our member of the ISGE Committee, Andreas Chrysostomou. Andreas did perform this study as part of his PhD work.
Hysterectomy being the most performed gynaecologic operation it is up to us to perform this operation by the best possible route of access. The best route for the patient, the best route for the countries economics and very important the best route to guarantee the best outcome.

The best way is undoubtedly the vaginal way if needed helped by laparoscopy. This has been stated by several bodies and is confirmed by this survey, but the art of vaginal surgery is declining although it has always be natural orifice (NOTES) surgery for us gynaecologists! This is why our Committee on Vaginal Surgery, headed by Ellis Downes, is looking into reviving the art of vaginal surgery.

If you read this survey carefully you will notice that only a small percentage of the ISGE members did answer. I urge you – as I know that you are very involved in minimal invasive surgery – to participate in the future surveys in larger numbers.

It is only by the numbers that ISGE will be able to convince national heath authorities to stand behind our points of view. Our point of view is always in the best interest of our patients. Hence the future of your patients wellbeing depends on you, the members, answering in massive numbers to surveys like these who do make a difference!

Best regards,

Robert O’Shea                                                                    Bruno van Herendael
President ISGE                                                                  Medical Director ISGE


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