This working group was called, then, “Young Endoscopists Platform”, or “YEP”. However, since the YEP abbreviation had been used by other sister society, the EXCO board of our society has decided in April 2017 to change the title of this group to “Young Endoscopists Stage” or “YES”.


The YES was created in order to achieve the following objectives:

  • To encourage young doctors interested in gynecological endoscopy worldwide and particularly in developing countries to participate in Congresses, workshops and all activities of our Society and show their presence.

  • To enhance their knowledge and stimulate scientific research.

  • To be recognized as an integral group who can bring their scientific research to the YES session at the annual ISGE congress anywhere in the world and compete with their local or international peers.
  • To improve the quality of endoscopic training in developing countries.
  • To show a focus responsibility of the ISGE to care for such group at their “stage”.


Dr Alessandro Loddo and Dr Ichnandy Rachman (ISGE Board Members) were the first coordinators appointed to this group.
Recently Dr Dusan Djokovic has been appointed to coordinate the YES pages of the ISGE.

Scientific Editor

The EXCO board has agreed in April 2017 to appoint Dr. Linda Tebache as the YES web page scientific editor in accordance with the above objectives.


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