ISGE has created a concept that provides in theoretical courses and practical items to create a curriculum for the gynecologists to be able to work proficiently in the field of MIGS.


The idea is first to select the colleagues by assessing their eye-hand coordination or better the evaluation of the Eye Brain Coordination of Hand-held Instruments (EBCOH principle BVH 1989). ISGE works together with +he Academy of the ESGE and at the different congresses there is a session of LASTT.

The colleagues who do succeed en the LASTT evaluation can then progress to STEP I of the ISGE Accreditation the so called Intensive Week at one of the Centers of Excellence of ISGE (Europe Varese Italy, Africa Yaoundé Cameroon, Central America Kingston Jamaica). The week consists of interactive live surgery, theory and hands on focused on suturing and ends on Saturday with an exam of MC-Q’s.

The STEP II is a portfolio of cases with documentation.

STEP III is the step to get the Master Degree in MIGS by writing a paper on a specific topic in MIGS and a practical exam in the theatre of the candidate where he or she is judged on repetitive movements during the procedure. ISGE did develop an App where the ISGE controller can participate on the outside in theatre and also in endovision. This step is witnessed by a representative of a local university or the local authorities so that the Master Degree is validated in the country of the candidate.


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