The Society has met biennially since 1989 and Annual Congresses were held from 1996 on. Since 1997 a Regional Meeting dealing with a specific topic is added. Future Congresses and Meetings are scheduled 4 years ahead and from 2004 a second annual Regional Meeting is foreseen. All meetings will be in different zones of the world.

The was founded by Tamer Seckin, MD in April, 2004.

The Goals Of Our Society Are:

  • To establish an international forum for the exchange of information and new ideas between gynecologic endoscopists. This function is provided by annual scientific meetings and by contributions to the affiliated Journal, one of the premier journals in this field.
  • To provide leadership and unprejudiced academic excellence in this highly important field. The quality of the scientific meetings and workshops will be maintained by the Scientific Committee. Advice is always readily available from the Board members.
  • To promote safety and competence in gynecologic endoscopy through education. Regular courses and Training Programs are run in many countries. Their content is scrutinized by the Scientific Committee before they gain approval of the Society. The Society does not control, but does maintain an influence on the quality and teaching content of the courses which are organized under its auspices.
  • To scientifically investigate and evaluate new endoscopic techniques which may be of benefit to women and report to members their use and effectiveness.


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