• Günter Noé
  • ISGE President

  • The International Society for Gynecological Endoscopy

Dear all,
we are pleased, that we can offer our traditional website “the trocar” as open access magazine to the members of the ISGE and all researchers. All articles will be registered DOI and are quotable therefore. It was to us a big concern to offer a platform to young researchers and researchers of all parts of the world on which they can publish data, experience and opinions under Peer-Review process.

Young researchers depend to publish her dates. Unfortunately, the access to big magazines is limited. A Bias often also exists by the personal adjustment of the reviewers or the default of the medical Societies.
This makes outsider positions almost impossible. Also unconventional approaches, as they are often asked in developing countries, cannot be published in the standard media.
We are open also for unusual attempts and open for discussions. Hence, we also offer columns like experience or opinion. Editors and the Reviewer Board will work on the inputs quickly.
We offer members of ISGE the publication free of charge. Non-members pay a low-cost contribution of 250€. Maybe you look the membership fee for ISGE to decide what seems to you more favorable.
To be able to make this offer, we must hold the costs low. Hence, the journal is published in pdf form on the web page. We look forward to numerous submissions.

For the editorial Board

Yours sincerely
Günter Noé

The first edition of the open access journal was sponsored by Karl Storz Endoskope. Click image to enlarge the ad.


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