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Yaoundé program information

All information is currently updated into a latest version of the ISGE-AFSGE International congress program-PDF. Please download this latest version.
The International Society for Gynecologic Endoscopy did establish its curriculum to obtain the degree of Master in Gynecologic Endoscopic Surgery. This fact alone could be the decisive factor in your joining our fast-growing society.

Our ISGE now counts over 1.000 members and it is a pleasure to notice that 50% of the new members is under 40 years of age, eager to join to the YES (Young Endoscopists on Stage). The registration to join the Yes has been made easier so that registration on line is available for everyone.

To assess the study material for the ISGE Accreditation once you log into the membership section of www.isge.org the same username and password will bring you to the Syllabus. Here you do find all material for your study.

The first Intensive Week – the STEP I – in the ISGE Accreditation has been a success. Professor Fabio Ghezzi did provide for the live surgery at the Ospedale del Ponte in Varese Italy. Adel Shervin, Alfonso Rossetti and myself did teach the theory and the hands on. Twenty-one participants did take the exam and all did pass with an average of 72%. The next Intensive Week takes place in Jamaica September 24-29.

I did visit our Centre of Excellence in Yaoundé – the CHRACERH- the last week of January to assess the progress of the organization of the ISGE – AFSGE Annual meeting April 23 – 27. Prof Jean Marie Kasia is doing a great job and together we did visit the Secretary General of the Ministry of Health and the dean of the faculty of medicine of the University Yaoundé I. Both are quite enthusiastic and are supportive towards the congress. The Secretary General specifically did ask to bring in comments of patients on the long-term effects of endoscopic surgery. We therefore did include this item in the program. Where the space for Free communications becomes limited there is still room for YES presentations. The Hisham Arab price is worthwhile competing for! If more Free Communications are coming in we will reserve yet another room at the “Palais des Congrès”. At this moment in time we do have lectures from 10 African countries and from the rest from world-wide from India over Europe and the US to the Caribbean. This will be a great congress up to you to join!! Simultaneous translation French – English is provided for in all rooms.

The Pune regional meeting is shaping up our Board member Sunita Tandulwadkar is organizing a great program. Live surgery will interphase with theoretical sessions and there will be pre-congress courses staged in Mumbai and Bangalore. Put the dates into your agenda’s September 6 -9.

ISGE is active on Twitter do follow us and do tweet your reflections. Our president of the Digital Matters committee Dan Kruschinski need you to be active on the Facebook pages Hysteroscopy and Laparoscopy– you will find lots of videos on the blogs Laparoscopy and Hysteroscopy. Dan needs your input and active discussion.

ISGE Medical Director
Bruno van Herendael

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