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The Annual Meeting in Cape Town has been a scientific success. I thank Viju Thomas, ISGE’s Honorary Secretary and Igno Siebert together with Suleiman Heylen – president of SASREG – for their efforts to make this combined ISGE – ESGE meeting hosted by SASREG a success. Credit also goes to the staff of Turners for the practical realization.

Our next Annual Meeting will be in Split, Croatia, from May 28 – 31. The theme is MIGS Back to Basics. The aim is to offer a scientific meeting both to the beginners and the experienced MIGS surgeons by deepening the different subjects starting from the basics to the most sophisticated aspects. If we talk on anatomy the lectures will cover basic anatomy for the MIGS surgeon over more detailed nerve anatomy in the pelvis to the distorted anatomy of the pelvis at endometriosis and how to deal with the situation. We will do the same for the other topics. We will offer keynotes for the nursing aspects of MIGS and for the maintenance of the instruments. The Hisham Arab price for the best lecture will be prominent in the picture as will be the ISGE price for the best video.

The Regional meeting in Kingston, Jamaica, will deal with the different aspects of hysterectomy both vaginal and laparoscopy. Our past president and member of the ISGE Senate, Harry Reich, will present the price created by him and named after him, this for the first time aiming to put the best lecture on hysterectomy in the picture. 0ur member of the ISGE Senate and former chairman of the ISGE Training Committee Bashkar Goolab will set up an exciting program. The hysteroscopic aspect on how to prevent hysterectomy by treating the uterine cavity will be highlighted. Our team at the Caribbean Centre of Excellence at the Hugh Wynter Fertility Management Unit under the guidance of Prof Vernon DaCosta guarantees an out- standing scientific meeting. The meeting will take place in Kingston Jamaica.

Our Step I of the Accreditation the Intensive Week from 26 through 31 August will take place in Jakarta. There are only a few seats left. This time we are aiming for forty Participants and 37 seats are taken. If you want to participate please do hurry and send in your application through secretariat@isge.org!

From May 16 through 31 a delegation under the leadership of our president Resad Paya Pasic, the director of the Accreditation Council Adel Shervin and the Medical Director is touring China under the expert guidance of Dr Jianming Song helped by our business consultant Michael Di Cesare. In Shanghai the delegation did meet up with Giuseppe Bigatti who is starting an outpatient hysteroscopy service in Shanghai. Discussion have taken place with the director and vice-director of the Sixth People’s Hospital South Campus affiliated to Shanghai’s Xiao Tong University Head Professor Zhang. On September 29/2019 a Train the Trainers session will take place to train the Chinese tutors who will be active during the ISGE Intensive Week to be held in 2020 at the hospital. The regional headquarters of ISGE China will be set up here together with the necessary lab facilities.

In Cape Town extensive discussions took place with Prof Jean Marie Kasia where the business plan concerning the endoscopic curriculum was laid down. The two-year endoscopic curriculum in collaboration with the University of Yaoundé I, the ministries of Higher Education and Health and the ISGE Center of Excellence the CHRACERH will start in 2020.
As you can read ISGE is building its scientific curriculum quite fast together with its membership. If you want to be part of the future on MIGS do join us!

Your ISGE Medical Director
Bruno van Herendael


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