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Dear member, Dear future member, Dear colleague interested in MIGS, Dear Sympathizer!
I would like to take this opportunity to highlight the realizations of ISGE over these first months of 2021.

The concept of a 24 hours virtual conference starting in the African – European time zone to move to the American to end in the Eastern time zone on endometriosis of our Honorary Secretary Viju Thomas has been realized thanks also to our Virtual Conference Broadcast Partner – Onference (Onference Training Technologies LLP) of Mumbai, India. The conference has been a success with over 1.900 participants and 2.200 log ins. VirtualEndo 24 simultaneous in three channels has been a huge success. The participants did appreciate very much the different discussions on the topic where most of the questions asked on the chats could find the time to be answered.

Our partner and main sponsor the “Endometriosis Foundation of America” did take care of the patient channel in two time zones. This realization is to the credit of our former Board member Tamer Seckin and the newly appointed Medical Director of the Foundation Dan Martin. Greatly helped by Margaret Caspler Cianci, EndoFound Executive Director.

Because of the huge success ISGE’s EXCO – Board meeting in teleconference on April 11/2021 did decide after evaluation to reorganize the event in 2022. Date in March 2022 to be defined.Continue reading From the desk of the Medical Director…


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