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Dear ISGE members,
The latest’s ISGE Intensive week staged at our Center of Excellence the Hugh Wynter Fertility Management Unit (HWFMU) at the University of the West Indies Mona Jamaica was very appreciated by the participants. Twelve participants did succeed in the SEBCOH-i (Screen Eye Brain Coordination with Handheld -instruments) MedCollege certification whilst 18 of the 20 participants did obtain the degree of ISGE Bachelor in MIGS.

The MCQ exam on Saturday did gender some problems for the participants so a survey to understand the line of answering is been build and will be send out to the participants as to better understand and formulate better questions for the next Intensive Week. The Accreditation Council did have a meeting October 12 – 14 and revised the program and the subjects for the next Intensive Week. In accordance with the wishes of our members after the Pune conference there will be even less live video sessions. Only two short live video sessions featuring simple cases have been retained. On the other hand, there will be more space for video sessions both non-edited and some edited in a way to show step by step specific operations as there are hysterectomy and cystectomy. The Accreditation Council wants to thank the staff of the HWFMU for the optimal organization and the hospitality.

During the Intensive Week a delegation of Chinese colleagues did join us under the leadership of Dr Jianming Song. The delegation was impressed by the teaching and especially the organization of the hands-on sessions and did invite ISGE to stage similar sessions in China.
In view of the latter teleconferences have been held and the procedure to be able to start and organize and to have a permanent secretariat in China have been started up. The next ISGE conference tour to China is planned for May 2019 and an ISGE Annual meeting is foreseen in the spring of 2021.

Mid-January a first course, in Constantine Algeria, on hysteroscopy is planned from January 16-18 organized by our young Algerian ISGE members Adel Sedrati, who is one of the founders of the new Constantine Society for Minimal Invasive Surgery, and his close co-worker Amal Drizi. Amal Drizi by the way is the driving force behind the YES Forum on www.isge.org where our members will be able to chat and ask questions. At the moment I do write these lines the forum is up for testing by Amal, who did approve it, and will be opened for the membership in a very short time. All of you will receive an announcement.

In February ISGE does organize a Basic Course in MIGS at our Center of Excellence in Yaoundé Cameroun from February 18 – 23. Here the Accreditation Council wants to go back to basis and train the people in theatre both nurses and physicians.
The main event will be the ISGE Annual Meeting with SASREG as our host in Cape Town South Africa April 13 – 17. As the financial retribution for ISGE depends on the number of ISGE members participating I would in this column urge, you the members, to participate in large numbers.
As ISGE is growing we now enjoy the interest of several new sponsors LG- monitors, Tontarra – mini-resectoscopes, Applied Medical and Bowa. This of course does not mean that we do not need our structural sponsors SE Karl Storz & Co Kg and Olympus Co as their support is essential as ISGE is asked to organize more and more events. I would like for you, the members, to acknowledge these sponsors as these companies are essential in the live of every single society especially ISGE as we are working mainly in the developing and emerging countries.
The fact that from ISGE’s 39 Bachelors in MIGS already three did ask to progress in the Accreditation to STEP II leading to Qualified Minimal Invasive Gynecologic Surgeon strengthens the ISGE leadership to pursue in the direction of teaching.

Take the opportunity to join us and to build a safe surgical environment for our patients.

ISGE Medical Director
Bruno van Herendael


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