• Günter Noé
  • ISGE President
  • The International Society for Gynecological Endoscopy

IISGE dared!
After 17 months of pandemic, we held the first physical congress event in Split (Croatia). The preparations were marked by a great deal of uncertainty, as no one could predict the course of the pandemic or the progress of the vaccinations. Many colleagues from Oceania, Canada or Asia did not have the opportunity to obtain visas or book flights in good time. In many countries travel was even forbidden for doctors.

Therefore, the financial risk could hardly be calculated. Shortly before the congress, we decided to stream the Main Hall to allow even more colleagues to participate. The whole event remained a black box for the organizing team until the end.

Finally, we managed to organize a worthy congress for the outgoing President Paya Pasic. Even though the number of participants was much smaller than originally planned due to the Corona requirements and the overall situation, there was a fruitful exchange and very satisfied participants. Everyone enjoyed the personal reunion and the direct exchange. It was possible to combine the physical congress with live connections, on the one hand the famous case scenarios by Dr Kurian Joseph from India and a live surgery from Italy by Professor Mario Malzoni.

The present industrial exhibitors from BOWA medical; DynaMesh; KLS Martin and Storz were finally happy to have contact with doctors again and enjoyed ISGE performance. A big thank you at this place.
Thanks to the meeting, ISGE was able to hold a general assembly and was thus able to adopt the new bylaws of the society and confirm the election of the new Vice President Dr. Eddy Hartono from Indonesia. Guenter Noé from Germany took over the presidency from Paya Pasic, who has now worked successfully for ISGE for over 2 years.

We are very pleased that we dared to hold the congress and are already at work to prepare our annual meeting 2022 in Agadir.
Save the date! 18-21 May 2021 Agadir
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