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Dear ISGE members,
The ISGE regional meeting in Pune has been a success with live surgery and high scientific content. Reflecting on this and after talking to our younger members, who did participate, however we do want to reflect on the concept of our meetings and look into the future. We have to step down from established physicians getting their exposure on the podium, talking about their experience. This has little to do with the progress of our specialty. We have to focus on teaching the younger generations in a way they take in the teaching and to bring what they have learned into their practice.

ISGE therefore is developing a specific Accreditation program where we do bring these elements to the juniors, focused teaching with interaction of the YES. This is the concept for the post-graduate members. We have to listen to the starting practitioners and teach according what she or he wants! The second ISGE Intensive Week is starting in two weeks – September 24 -29 – at the facilities of our Caribbean Centre Of Excellence: the Hugh Wynter Fertility Centre in Mona – University of the West Indies – Kingston Jamaica and is programmed into this new vision. Here there is a place for the old pioneers to explain the topics in a way the youngsters do profit. Not just a lot of short lectures but the timing of the lectures adapted to go to the essence of the problem with lots of short videos to explain what the idea behind the message is. These theoretical exposures are combined with short live surgery and long hands on sessions. We do organize an exam with some 100 MCQ’s to let the participants reflect on the reality of MIGS. The emphasis is put on interaction with the faculty. We are proud to announce that the Intensive Week is over booked with participants coming as far as of the Democratic Republic of Congo and India.

Recently ISGE did forge a contract with the Laparoscopicsurg Center in Tunis where we will bring the Intensive Week for the Maghreb countries and Burkina Faso. Here we do use extensively the virtual reality of LapSim.

For the residents ISGE does participate in the undergraduate teaching. We do have conventions with the university Cheikh Anta Diop, Dakar Senegal and the University Yaoundé I in Cameroon. Here ISGE is organizing in close relationship with the local university yearly teaching weeks – teach the residents. With NESA ISGE does push on the use of databases concerning endoscopic surgery to reduce the risks for the patients. The SAGO (Société Africaine de Gynécologie et Obstétrie) did introduce this database to all her member societies. ISGE is now in the process of setting the requirements for its MIGS fellowship.

The ISGE Annual meeting 2019, April 13-17, is shaping up and is organized in the vision on teaching as explained earlier. There will be focused lectures and plenty of possibility to present your own work. Don’t forget to apply for the Hisham Arab price (cash $ 1,000.00) if you are a YES member! Professor Philippe Koninckx has been asked to deliver the Ornella Sizzi Memorial lecture to open the congress on “Thirty Years of experience in Endometriosis treatment”. I appeal to all members to be present in Cape Town.

Another scoop is the “Chatroom” for the YES members on www.isge.org starting December 2018 under the leadership of our Algerian member Amal Drizi and the YES steering group. As you see there is no reason to hesitate any longer to become an active ISGE member!

ISGE Medical Director
Bruno van Herendael


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