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  • Authors: Adel Sedrati (1)

  • Affiliation: 1: Ob Gyn private partitionier Tunesia


DOI: 10.36205/trocarvid5.24002

Per-Hysteroscopic KCL intra-cardiac embryo-injection and management for Cesarean scare pregnancy


The incidence of Cesarean scare pregnancy (CSP) is rising worldwide, due to the increased number of cesarean sections. This case report is about hysteroscopic management of cesarean scare pregnancy. Where an ectopic embryo intracardiac KCL injection was performed under direct vision by using a 05 mm standard hysteroscope. A second time management, always by hysteroscopy. After a follow up and the vanishment of the trophoblastic signal doppler.

There are many protocols proposed to manage CSP. however, there is no standardized treatment due to the lack of consensus in the medical community. Managing some CSP by hysteroscopy could be a less mini-invasive option. Especially, when it is possible to trigger a decreased trophoblastic signal Doppler, under a direct visual intracardiac KCL injection. This will prepare for a safe evacuation of the remaining trophoblastic tissue from the inside of the isthmocele.

In conclusion hysteroscopic KCL intra cardiac embryo injection for CSP, under direct visualizationrealized as shown in this case report could be the base to understand better this ectopic pregnancy, and to get the less invasive option which can be developed.



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