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Hysteroscopic surgery experienced in the last decade an important improvement either due to the miniaturization of the instruments or due the introduction of new energy sources. The industry has produced an incredible effort trying to satisfy the needs of top surgeons in

The first big improvement was undoubtedly the introduction of bipolar electrosurgery. Is almost redundant to emphasize the advantages of bipolar energy and consequently the use of saline solution as distension medium. Every resident at the beginning of his/her training will list the improvements, mainly the possibility to avoid the fluid overload. The use of saline solution gives a clearer vision despite the fact that bipolar surgery produces more air bubbles. The technique of bipolar surgery is also slightly different, since more pressure has to be applied to the tissue when cutting. This difference between resecting technique may become a problem when people, who are used to resect with bipolar instruments, “return” to cut with monopolar, applying the same pressure as when cutting with bipolar electrode. The risk of perforation may become serious…


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