Enjoy the latest issue of the Hysteroscopy Newsletter.

The hysteroscope is the gynecologist’s stethoscope. How can we practice modern gynecology without it? Diagnostic office hysteroscopy permits full visualization of the endometrial cavity, tubal ostia, endocervix and is critical in diagnosing focal lesions that are missed with blind or non-directed endometrial sampling. Increasingly, operative hysteroscopy both in the office and ambulatory center permit safe, effective, and minimally invasive surgery for an array of intrauterine pathology.

In the realm of minimally invasive options in gynecologic surgery and treatment, hysteroscopy remains an underutilized tool in the arsenal of the MIGS surgeon. Those of you who know me, know that educating my peers on the diagnostic and therapeutic power of hysteroscopic surgery and the benefits it has for our patients has been a foundation of my career for decades. Because of this, I couldn’t be more pleased to personally invite you to the first AAGL Global Hysteroscopy Summit, a program that was unanimously approved by the AAGL Board of Directors. The Summit will be held in one of my favorite Canadian cities, Toronto, July 27-28, 2018.

I’m proud to be joined by hysteroscopic visionaries, innovators, and enthusiasts who will present novel new indications, discuss new technology, and have friendly debates. But it will also be my honor to thank a legend and pioneer, a humble leader who stoked and nurtured my initial interest in hysteroscopy, and whose early focus lead to an increased adoption of office and operative hysteroscopy worldwide – Dr. Franklin Loffer. His infectious energy and zeal lead him to teach thousands of individuals just like you and me. Join us as we celebrate his years of leadership, innovation, and service to the AAGL family. (read more in the newsletter…)


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