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In my opinion, we cannot refer of hysteroscopy as a simple, isolated procedure to be performed after a first level ultrasound or other diagnostic procedure. Hysteroscopy must be included in a multi-tasking office approach, in which several instrumentations, including 3D-live ultrasonography, are available. Using this approach, we can improve the quality of in-office surgery and, obviously, both woman’s and operator’s satisfaction
with the results. Acquired and congenital uterine cavity abnormalities (i.e., Asherman syndrome, dysmorphic uterus or septate uterus), are also accessible surgeries for an outpatient approach which outcomes are boosted by an integrated and multidisciplinary approach.

Another essential aspect to take into account is that hysteroscopy has become a marketing subject. If we stepped back at the beginnings, only a few industries invested in hysteroscopes and instrumentation. Nowadays, it is evident that all the world is producing advancements for office hysteroscopy. In this case, marketing competition is another advantageous milestone. A significant advantage that this marketization of our branch has created is the possibility of buying low-cost, all-in-one packages allowing the beginner to start its hysteroscopic outpatient clinic with an affordable investment.

Salvatore Giovanni Vitale
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