Event report

Dear Colleague,

This letter to thank you for your valuable contribution to the scientific success of ISGE’s Annual Meeting August 26-29/2021.
The Split meeting has been scientific success with 49 live lectures, 86 virtual lectures, 4 ZOOM interventions and one live surgery transmission by Mario Malzoni. A big thanks you to Mario and his crew and to Goran Sincek the LOC IT.

The overall number of live participants was 80 and 30 students and nursing staff.

The pre-congress courses have been a success with over 30 participants to the Karl Storz SE & Co KG hysteroscopy course (seven stations, two virtual reality stations tutors Stefano Bettocchi and Lilo Mettler) The “Building Bridges Ultrasound Hysteroscopy” (ISGE – ETCA) 10 live participants and 152 virtual participants – streaming by ISGE’s platform WebinarJam IT Person Dirk Schurmans- tutor Bart De Vree . The Dynamesh “Pelvic Floor course”, two live participants and 28 virtual – streaming by ISGE’s platform WebinarJam – tutors Michael Anapolski and Günter Noé. SECOH-i had 11 registrations but 5 could not travel so 6 did pass the hand-eye coordination to progress to the ISGE Accreditation.

At ISGE we do appreciate very much your efforts as we know that in your busy schedule it is hard to find the time to record lectures especially in this time of SARS 2 – CoV 19 – Corona pandemic where you are ask from various sides to participate in webinars and virtual congresses.

Special thanks for our American ZOOM participants Samar and Robert who had to defy the seven hours time difference to deliver their outstanding lectures.

Thanks to Kurian who did ZOOM in on two different days to present his extraordinary cases to discuss with the audience treatment and outcome.

Last but not least a very big thank you to all live participants. We do appreciate very much the efforts you did have to make to be present and deliver.

In these difficult times of pandemic ISGE does appreciate even more your personal involvement to help our society to flourish and grow to the benefit of our patients all over the world.

Hoping to see all of you in more relaxed circumstances in Agadir May 19-22/2022
Thanks, kind regards and keep it safe

Günter Noé – President
Bruno J van Herendael – Medical Director


To the sponsors

To the sponsors of the ISGE Split Annual Meeting August 26-29.

Dear sponsors,

This letter to thank you in the name of ISGE. Your presence at the congress venue in these difficult and unpredictable times of the SARS 2 – CoV 19 – Corona pandemic in the midst of ever changing rules has been unprecedented and has been an invaluable contribution to the success of the meeting.

As this was the first “live” meeting of the year the fact that you did come and brought in the demo materials means a lot to ISGE.
Your contribution made this meeting happen. ISGE thanks you for your positive state of mind and your positive and constructive comments during the sponsor meeting. ISGE will contact you to see how we can apply these suggestions in the ISGE meetings tocome.

At this moment just a big thanks you from ISGE.
Best regards,

Günter Noé – President
Bruno J van Herendael – Medical Director


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