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Dear hysteroscopy friends,

Another year has come and gone, I am not sure if I prefer to look back at a crazy year that just past or to look forward to a 2022 that is starting to post a big challenge ahead of us, another Coronavirus variant “Omicron” that now wants to combine with the well known Flu virus and create the “Flurona”. However, our hysteroscopy Newsletter is ready to face any challenge that will come at us and is now starting its 8th year since its creation, and how a better way to start this year than with a comprehensive issue dedicated to a complex and enigmatic condition “Adenomyosis”.

This new issue of our Newsletter, that you now have in from of you, start with a very interesting article, in which Dr Luis Alonso, once again, provide us with a comprehensive review of the pathology along with images that, as always, have such a high quality, that you will feel like reading an issue of the “National Geographic” magazine. In a very, easy to understand way, he will take you from history of the disease, pathogenesis, will describe the different types of adenomyosis, to then review its clinical course, diagnosis, and treatment. Following Dr Alonso’s article, a well recognized group from the Hospital Universitario “12 de Octubre” from Madrid, dives deep into the role of ultrasound in the diagnosis of adenomyosis. You will be immersed into deep water, learning about embryology, etiology theories and different phenotypes that make adenomyosis such an interesting disease. At the end of their article, they will then provide you a “template” of the ideal ultrasound report, highlighting important aspects that must be included in the ultrasound report to help the clinician treating the patient with adenomyosis. Then, our passion, hysteroscopy and its role in patients with adenomyosis is presented in a very elegant way by Attilio (no need to write his last name, since everyone knows that there is no other Attilio in the word of hysteroscopy, than Professor Di Spiezio Sardo) and Dr Virginia Foreste, their images and the simplified hysteroscopic approach, in both office setting and the operating room, will provide you all the tools you need to understand the value and limitations that hysteroscopy has in this clinical condition

A very interesting type of adenomyosis is the “Cystic adenomyosis” in which case hysteroscopy could play an important therapeutic role, is presented by our dear friend Alejandro Gonzalez et al. from Hospital Naval in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This extremely interesting and comprehensive issue of hysteroscopy Newsletter concludes with 3 important aspects of adenomyosis which are the non-surgical treatment (presented by Dr Mykhailo Medvediev, Ukraine) the role of endometrial ablation (Dr Thiago Guazzelli, Sao Paulo, Brazil) and its impact on fertility (Dr Elena Puente, Málaga, Spain) Looking forward to a very challenging and interesting year that we have ahead of us and with the energy and commitment that the Hysteroscopy Newsletter team has always had, I leave you with the first issue of year Number 8th of Hysterosocpy Newsletter.


Jose “Tony” Carugno
University of Miami. USA
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