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The International Society for Gynecologic Endoscopy Board

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The International Society for Gynecologic Endoscopy was formed in 1989 by a group committed endoscopists from Europe and North America, who were soon joined by others from all over the world. They recognized the need for a scientific group who would meet at regular intervals to share their knowledge and expertise in gynecologic endoscopy.

EXCO Members

Robert O'Shea
Robert O'SheaPresident
Bruno Van Herendael
Bruno Van HerendaelMedical Director
Viju Thomas
Viju ThomasHonorary Secretary
Charles Miller
Charles MillerHonorary Treasurer
Alfonso Rossetti
Alfonso RossettiDirector of the Training Committee
Alessandro Loddo
Alessandro LoddoRepresentative Board Members
Paya Resad Pasic
Paya Resad PasicEXCO Board Representative
Ellis Downes
Ellis DownesNewsletter Editor
Daniel Kruschinski
Daniel KruschinskiDirector Social Media
Hisham Arab
Hisham ArabDirector Membership Committee

Board Africa

Abri De Bruin
Abri De Bruin2016-2020
Yamal Patel
Yamal Patel2015-2019
Viju Thomas
Viju Thomas2015-2019
Felix Mhlanga
Felix Mhlanga2015-2019

Board America Central / South

Felipe Gonzales Leiva
Felipe Gonzales Leiva2015-2019
Miguel Angel Bigozzi
Miguel Angel Bigozzi2017-2021

Board America North

Jessica Sheperd
Jessica Sheperd2017-2021
Shan Biscette
Shan Biscette2017-2021
Andrew Brill
Andrew Brill2016-2020

Board Asia

Joseph Alappat Kurian
Joseph Alappat Kurian2016-2020
Eddy Hartono
Eddy Hartono2017-2021
Meenu Agarwal
Meenu Agarwal2017-2021
Ichnandy Arief Rachman
Ichnandy Arief Rachman2014-2018
Adel Shervin
Adel Shervin2015-2019
Emre Goksan Pabuccu
Emre Goksan Pabuccu2014-2018

Board Europe

Peter O'Donovan
Peter O'Donovan2017-2021
Noé Guenter
Noé Guenter2016-2020
Alfonso Rossetti
Alfonso Rossetti2015-2019
Daniel Kruschinski
Daniel Kruschinski2015-2019
Anastasia Ussia
Anastasia Ussia2017-2021

Board Middle East

Omar Alhalayqa
Omar Alhalayqa 2015-2019
Sameer Sendy
Sameer Sendy2017-2021

Board Oceania

Jim Tsaltas
Jim Tsaltas2016-2020
Alex Ades
Alex Ades 2015-2019