Dear members,

Thank you for being an active member of ISGE!
It is in this quality that I, as president ISGE, do request your attention to collaborate to a project on the subject of MIGS. As you very well know vaginal surgery is one of the first minimal invasive surgeries performed by us gynaecologists. Our former, very active board member, and still member of the ISGE committee on Vaginal Surgery – president Ellis Downes – ,Andreas Chrysostomou is preparing a PhD at Witwatersrand Univerity in Johannesburg South Africa.

We discussed the subject as I am the foreign consultant on his PhD and we concluded it to be a good idea, constructive to the subject, to ask our ISGE membership – now some 680 active members, to contribute to this effort. Together with this letter the secretariat will send you a link where you can answer your preferences on the entry technique you prefer for hysterectomy.

Please do respond to this effort as this would be the first time that a world wide survey is done. Our ISGE is the only truly world wide society on minimal invasive surgery in the world. I urge you to make our society proud.

Thank you in advance for your time and efforts,
Your president,


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