The survey has finished. Results will follow shortly.

Dear ISGE member,

To have an idea of what you are thinking and feeling concerning the choice of our conferences and courses in the future years the EXCO-Board in meeting in Bali decided to install regular surveys to steer our ISGE in the direction its members decide.

As the EXCO – Board agreed to propose to the General Assemble in Antalya October 2017 to reform the ISGE in the direction of one conference a year, on all different topics concerning endoscopic and vaginal surgery, and several courses on well defined topics concerning diagnosis – in combination with ultrasound and other diagnostic techniques – and surgery it is imperative that EXCO – Board knows about the feelings of the membership at large concerning this strategy.
It is therefore that this first survey, that will take some five minutes of your time is launched. Here the different locations and your preferences are asked for.
What the privacy is concerned you can be sure that the survey is anonymous but by completing this survey you consent that information you provide is used in the way described on the to steer our ISGE the way the membership decides.

For the EXCO – Board
The President
Bruno van Herendael


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