Enjoy the latest issue of the Hysteroscopy Newsletter.

During the last few years the world of hysterscopy has revealed to be very active in improving its technique. All the new trends could be summarized in two main directions. The first big innovation, following the indications of Prof. Stefano Bettocchi, has been a reduction in size of all diagnostic and operative hysteroscopes in order to approach all patients in an office set up. In this respect the Trophy scope by Dr. Rudi Campo fulfilled this new trend. The Trophy scope with its small diameter can be used as diagnostic hysteroscope during office procedures and in case of operative necessity an additional operative sheet can be pushed into the uterine cavity allowing this option.  Another big attempt in miniaturizing hysteroscopic instruments is the Gubbini resectoscope. Thanks to its small diameter Dr. Giampietro Gubbini has shown the possibility to approach with the resectoscopic technique all major intrauterine pathologies in an office set up. This great innovation still can be listed into the attempt of miniaturization of all hysteroscopic equipment…


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