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Since my early beginnings in this field, my view to spread hysteroscopy was to emphasize its “simple, safe and smart” characteristics of practice. At a certain level of simplicity and safety, hysteroscopy will overcome the challenges of culture and depates, and acquire an attitude similar to the ultrasound machines in our clinics, which we literally start to use before thinking of a real indication. With assistance of interested colleagues, we developed a basic training program (independent from laparoscopic training) oriented mainly towards role of hysteroscopy, widening its indications, office practice, from setting up a unit up to different hand-skills. We then started to look for “and develop” affordable devices that are suitable for office use. Few companies showed an interest in investing in this area, and today affordable hysteroscopic systems are available for the first time.

This work gained an excellent feedback, and now supporting tens of hysteroscopy units in many countries in the area. Many challenges are today overcomed, now patients are aware of procedure, its importance and simplicity. Gynecologists feel more relaxed to refer patients for hysteroscopy if they donot have facilities to perform it on their own. The procedure costs are now reasonable too. More sales for advanced resectoscopes and shavers are being recorded, more researches are being carried out and published, dedicated hysteroscopy units are now not rare and far. We are catching up.

Finally, I appreciate all help I am getting from the international community of scientists in this field and proud to be accepted as a junior member among you all. Much thanks goes to the great heroes behind connecting all interested gynecologists with each other.

Mounir M Khalil
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