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The annual number of global congress, symposiums and scientific meetings is unknown, although it is more than 100,000 worldwide. A recent article published in JAMA questions the usefulness of all this deployment. While it is true that there are many conferences, not all are the same, some meetings are “special”.
Some of them are important because of the relevance of the society that organizes them, for example the last AAGL Global Congress in which gynecologists from all over the world meet to talk about minimally invasive surgery in the city of Las Vegas.

Other meetings are organized by societies with a large number of members, as happened with the AICOG (All Indian Congress of Obstetrics and Gynecology) that was held this past January in Bengaluru. A mega congress that deals with oncology, maternal-fetal medicine, infertility, reproductive health, surgery and almost anything that has to do with gynecology.
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Luis Alonso
Co-chair Global Congress on Hysteroscopy


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