In view of the unprecedented impactful coronavirus pandemic, ISGE expresses sympathy and support to all nations of the world, particularly those undergoing the crisis.

We also recall the importance of respecting the global and individual safety rules, in order to limit further spread of the virus. For that matter, we strongly recommend to our members and to all gynecologic surgeon colleagues the following precautionary measures:

  1. Hygiene and use of masks for the entire healthcare personnel.
  2. Except for emergencies, it must be strongly advised via telemedicine for patients to stay home and to avoid unnecessary travel.
  3. Elective surgery and non urgent endoscopic procedures should be deferred to allow, furthermore, maximization of our healthcare systems’ resources, which should remain available for eventual massive interventions, under the current circumstances.
  4. Rescheduling elective surgery should be assessed for each case by telemedicine, or depending on the local-regional possibilities for each area, as the patient’s safety must not be compromised by delay.
  5. Examples of gynecological surgeries/procedures to be executed without delay: ectopic pregnancies, abortion, adnexal torsion, oncological surgery, gynecological conditions causing severe bleeding or anemia (like submucous fibroids) or sepsis (abcess).
  6. Examples of gynecological surgeries/procedures to be delayed: fertility surgery, pelvic organ prolapsed.

ISGE remains careful to the updates related to the coronavirus pandemic, and close to her members for any further information or assistance.

Stay safe!


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