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“To stop seeing… it is not needed to be blind or to close your eyes…” said Jorge Luis Borges (a famous poet from Argentina) with his gaze absent, lost in a blurred sky, while holding hands with Maria Kodama. Oh God… how right he was! Because life pass without realizing it, between books and operating rooms at a frightening speed, and today that we only have uncertainty, only today, we realized that we were blind, because what all we did
and dreamed about suddenly stopped…. And we lost almost everything, even hugs. And we started to see everything from the beginning, slowly, without understanding, as if the same movie ended and started the next day.

In the meantime, hundreds of colleagues around the world lost their lives fighting this pandemic. I am writing these words, not as a doctor, but as a storyteller, thinking about them, and their families. I am writing from my fears. How little sense things make when there is nothing beyond, when we realize that we are drifting a grain of sand in the desert, and we must continue but no one knows how.

Alejandro González
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