Enjoy the latest issue of the Hysteroscopy Newsletter.

Dear hysteroscopy friends,
In March 2015, I had the opportunity to write the first editorial for the Hysteroscopy Newsletter. What a great honor that was!!!

An excerpt from that editorial said: “Hysteroscopy Newsletter arises from the need to have a publication with which different professionals from all around the world share their work, comments and opinions about Hysteroscopy. A bimonthly publication arises with initial diffusion through the internet and with the valuable collaboration of relevant professors of the world of hysteroscopy ”

7 years later, I look back and proudly contemplate how the Newsletter has evolved and grown in these long years without losing its true essence:
REAL HYSTEROSCOPY FOR EVERYONE. Free of charge, with no conflicts of interests, without industry advertising and always spreading scientific knowledge. An open forum for everyone: from the most world’s recognized experts to the beginner hysteroscopists.

Reaching March 2021 has been posible thanks to the enormous effort of Luis Alonso, Tony Carugno and the collaboration of all of you, who have participated and continue to actively participate producing content for the Newsletter. That, added to the wide dissemination by word of mouth, through social media, etc … have placed the Hysteroscopy Newsletter where it is right now. That is why I appeal to all hysteroscopy lovers: Let’s keep this publication going and let’s not stop spreading it, for many more years to come.

And finally, I would like to share a few words from Miches Serres that Dr. Agustín Rubal shared with us a few days ago, and that I think perfectly define the meaning of this publication: “If you have a loaf of bread and I have an euro, and I go and buy the bread from you, I will have a loaf of bread and you will have an euro, and you will see a balance in that exchange, that is: A has an euro and B has a loaf of bread conversely, B has the bread and A the euro. This, then, is a perfect balance. But if you have a Verlaine sonnet, or Pythagoras’ theorem, and I have nothing, and you teach me, at the end of that exchange I will have the sonnet and the theorem, but you will have kept them. In the first case, there is equilibrium. That is merchandise. In the second, there is growth. That is culture.”

That exactly it… is the real meaning of HYSTEROSCOPY NEWSLETTER

God bless you all
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