Event report

The conference was meanly by Professor Jean Marie Kasia and his team under the guidance of Drs Ngono Akam and Serge Nyada. They were greatly helped by Yves Kasia and the secretary of the CHRACERH Simone Ngo Binyet. For ISGE the Medical Director Bruno J van Herendael and the Executive Director Mrs. Paula Simons did advise the team.

The congress did start on September 26 at the facilities of the CHRACERH (Centre Hospitalier de Recherche Académique en Chirurgie Endoscopique et Reproduction Humaine). It was the first time that our Medical Director did give a suture course streamed live to the auditorium as the theatres where not yet ready. Live surgery was then streamed to the auditorium featuring laparoscopic hysterectomy and hysteroscopic morcellation by means of the IBS.

On Tuesday the congress did start late but the organization on the spot and the organizations of the meals for the speakers and invited guest were well organized. Speakers came from all over the globe just to cite a few Camran Nezhat from California USA, Victor Gomel from Canada, Lilo Mettler and Günter Noé from Germany, Suyash Naval and Meenu Agarwal from India, Amal Drizi from Algeria, Jean Luc Meier and Antoine Watrelot from France. Excused Mohamed Achour from Morocco quite ill with the flue and Adel Sedrati from Algeria testing positive on Covid. A great number of speakers and chairpersons from Africa signed in present from the Maghreb countries to the countries of Central Africa with a strong delegation of the Democratic Republic of Congo, lead by Professor Justin Mboloko. Both the ISGE Medical Director and Executive Director were present.

The mean message of the congress was that the people of the African continent, from the Maghreb countries to the countries of Southern Africa want that their problems are no longer perceived from an European or an USA and certainly not Chinese point of view but from an African point of view so that they can finally start to develop their African MIGS based on their own possibilities and technicities, no longer dependent of the Western or Oriental influences and donations, as to develop their own technicities.

This message was loud and clear and heard by ISGE.

We did promise the participants to work together with them in that direction.

On Friday September 30 a delegation of ISGE was received in audience by the first lady of Cameroon Mrs. Chantal Biya. During the audience, lasting one hour, Mrs. Chantal Biya did ask questions on the importance of MIGS and she did ask the delegation to come back to Cameroon to help out. She even let our Executive Director relieve her back pain by manual therapy.

Later that night the Belgian ambassador to Cameroon, Eric Jacquemin and his wife Veerle, did invite a delegation to their home where they did offer a reception in honour of Prof Bruno J. van Herendael. In a very friendly and convivial atmosphere the ambassador did welcome his guests followed by a quite long speech by Professor Kasia dealing with the history of the endoscopic surgery in Cameroon as a consequence of his training in Clermont Ferant under professor Bruhat. The evening was closed by an answer and a thank word for the ambassador by Bruno J. van Herendael.


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