Dear colleagues,

This year marks the 30th anniversary of our Society. 30 years of Science, Struggle, and Success. I am honored to draft and edit this issue on this occasion. This spring issue is meant to be distributed at our 2019 annual meeting in Cape Town, South Africa.

Our previous issues provided highlights from the annual conference in Cameroon and the successes of the training programs rolled out by the ISGE, with enrollment completely booked until 2020. This issue of the OPUS Newsletter is a throwback to the pioneers of gynecological endoscopy. We hope you enjoy the short but informative read.

Importantly, ISGE is continuously looking to provide exposure for young and energetic members from our society – send in your surgical videos should you want them to be considered for streaming on our website ( Our founder of this website Dr. Alfonso Rossetti can help you with your submissions, please write to him at



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