Congenital Anomalies

Hysteroscopic resection of a complete uterine septum

2021-12-05T13:43:04+01:00September 14th, 2020|Categories: Congenital Anomalies, Diagnostic and operative Hysteroscopy, TheTrocar.TV|

Information Author: Kiran Dave Septate uterusis a congenital anomaly that can cause abortion in a high percentage of cases. The differential diagnosis usually is made with the 3D sonography but a preliminary [...]

A bicornuate uterus with a rudimental non communicating horn

2021-12-05T13:44:56+01:00September 14th, 2020|Categories: Congenital Anomalies, TheTrocar.TV|

Information Author: Adel Shervin This kind of congenital anomaly can cause cyclic pain due to hematometra and hematosalpinx formation. The video shows the removal of a rudimentary horn of the uterus. The [...]

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