• Authors: Adel Shervin
  • Operation: Laparoscopic management of advanced endometriosis arising from non-communicating rudimentary horn of uterus in an infertile patient.
    31 years old divorced patient G: O, P: O with known congenital urogenital anomaly diagnosed during laparotomy for treatment of Ovarian cyst 2 years ago. Chief complaint and reason for referral: Chronic debilitating pelvic pain unresponsive to medical treatment, h/o infertility ended to divorce, failed medical and surgical treatment.

    Past medical history: Laparotomy Right oophorectomy 2 years ago, uterine anomaly and advanced endometriosis was diagnosed.
    Recent Ultrasound: Missing left kidney, normal right kidney, uterus 78x43x51mm, left ovary with 55mm and right ovary with 111x90mm endometrioma CA125 Antigen=567.1 CA19-9=3.44.

    Operation Performed: Laparaocopic removal of non-communicating rudimentary horn of uterus, extensive adhesiolysis, resection of left endometrioma and DIE pelvic floor.