• Authors: ORNELLA SIZZI

  • The video shows the technique for the removal of a dermoid cyst.
    The ovarian parenchyma over the cyst is opened with cold scissors.

    It is important to start cutting where the ovarian parenchyma is thicker otherwise opening and spilling the content of the cyst will be more likely. Then the cyst is gently dissected out from the ovary pay attention to not only pulling out the cyst but applying a rotational force to the cyst. If spillage occurs, immediate aspiration is necessary and a suture can be used to close the opening and carry on the intervention.

    Usually after the removal of the dermoid cyst the suture of the ovary is not necessary and the simple coagulation of the bleeders is enough to achieve the hemostasis. The specimen is carried out through a endobag. It is important to use a normal aspiration system to avoid contaminating the suction irrigation endoscopic cannula.
    At the end of the procedure a thorough washing is recommended.