• Authors: Adel Shervin
  • 32 years old patient with long h/o infertility was referred because of debilitating pelvic pain, cycle related GI symptoms, dysparunia,she has h/o one open and one laparoscopic surgery in the past for treatment of endometriosis followed by courses of medical treatment, ovulation induction and 2 IVF which all was failed what you see in this video is a fairly extensive endometriosis with multi-organ involvement, Ovaries, Appendix, Rectum,left parametrium and pelvic floor DIE, her admission AMH was 1.1, management included En-bloc resection of DIE, Appendectomy, Discoid resection of rectal endometriosis with suture closure and resection of Endometriomas, operation was uneventful and she was discharged on 4th post op day.