• Authors: Adel Shervin

  • Diagnosis: Left ureteral stenosis, Large post hysterectomy adherent endometrioma
    Operation: Laparoscopic resection of left adherent retroperitoneal endometrioma, Ureterolysis, Resection of DIE pelvic floor, Insertion of JJ catheter to remain for 8 weeks.
    Pertinent Medical History: 47 years old G:2, P:2 with h/o TAH 3 years ago because of chronic pelvic pain and endometriosis, frozen pelvis was detected, pelvic pain continued after hysterectomy which was managed medically, 6 months prior to referral patient had double J catheter insertion on left side because of left flank pain and ultrasonically proven hydroureteronephrosis and was referred for treatment of persistent endometriosis
    MRU: Moderate left Hydroureteronephrosis and a 47x63mm cystic lesion with thick and irregular wall and small solid component in the left superior aspect of pelvic cavity impressing upon the left superior aspect of bladder wall which is in close proximity to distal portion of left ureter as likely cause of left hydroureteronephrosis.