The website was born in 1998 by the minds of Alfonso Rossetti and Ornella Sizzi, the On-line Video Journal Publishers. At that time it was a pioneer endeavor and not many Authors believed in the authority of an On-line Journal. TheTrocar was a Newspaper created to fully exploit the internet’s resources in the field of scientific diffusion.


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It was the Publishers’ opinion that an on-line journal devoted to such a still expanding branch of surgery as endoscopy might take advantage of the internet capabilities better than any traditional paper. Since Harry Reach and C.Y. Liu have agreed to become the Editors, TheTrocar has spread its wings.

Since 2008 it has become the Official Scientific Journal of the ISGE and in 2009 the brother website was born.

The Journal is free to everyone to read but the Online Text Book of Gynecological Endoscopy built inside the website is the ISGE Educational Platform soon available only to the ISGE members.