The Trocar Open Access Journal – 07/2022

Volume 3 – Issue 2. 2022
ISGE meets two times in Africa 2022!
By Guenter Noé - President ISGE

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Now that the pandemic seems to be easing, the world faces man-made disaster once again. A war in the middle of Europe affects the whole world because it has enormous economic consequences. The complex network of globalized trade relations gave us hope that people would take it into account and that we would be spared these undignified conflicts. Continue reading introduction …

Funneling of the urethra in Valsalva (Article 1) and a phrenic (Diaphragm) endometriosis

Index: TheTrocar Volume 3 – Issue 2. 2022

Case Reports
Opinion articles

Full articles open access

Awake Hysteroscopy with Kruschinski Modular Scope (KMS)

DOI: 10.36205/ trocarvid2.2022001

Laparoscopic nerve sparing radical hysterectomy without uterine manipulator in persistent cervical cancer after chemoradiation: Video Article

DOI: 10.36205/ trocar2.2022006

Obstetrical outcome after hysteroscopic repair of caesarean scar defect (follow up study)

DOI: 10.36205/trocar2.2022003

Recommendation for diagnosing pelvic floor defects ISGE Special Interest Group Uro-Gynecology ISGE

DOI: 10.36205/trocar2.2022001

Transvaginal Natural Orifice Transluminal Endoscopic Surgery (vNOTES) salpingotomy for ectopic pregnancy: Video Article

DOI: 10.36205/trocar2.2022005

vNOTES hysterectomy technique in a case with big broad ligament fibroid: Video Article

DOI: 10.36205/trocar2.2022004

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AD: Application video MetraBag – Dr. Noé (Dormagen); In this video we introduce you to the BOWA MetraBag. The MetraBag is the specimen and morcellation bag that enables the morcellation and specimen collection of the surgical specimen with low levels of cell dispersal for hysterectomy or myomectomy.

AD: ERGOact: The future is in your hands; With ERGOact, the first manually activated bipolar coagulation instrument, you operate without a foot switch for the first time in this instrument class. For more safety, control and comfort.

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