The Trocar Open Access Journal – 09/2023

Volume 4 – Issue 3. 2023
How can we, as doctors, support each other to make good medicine available to more people?
By Guenter Noé - Immediate Past President ISGE

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As a global, specialized medical community, we bundle a lot of knowledge, experience but also cultures. In addition, the sometimes extreme economic differences have to be reflected. It should not be forgotten that in associations like ours (ISGE) rather pr ivileged people meet at first. But the good thing is that we can and may use this to support many. The question is how we do it well and at eye level. Continue reading introduction …

1) Myoma and kissing Ovaries – 2) ICG right pelvic wall lymph node street

Index: TheTrocar Volume 4 – Issue 3. 2023

Article list

Full articles open access

The role of hysteroscopy in patients with recurrent implantation failure before starting in vitro fertilization: a systematic review and meta-analysis

DOI : 10.36205/trocar3.2023002

Laparoscopic ovarian cystectomy for ovarian endometrioma – step by step technique

DOI : 10.36205/trocar3.2023010

Hysteroscopic Septal Incision Using Scissors Following Laparoscopic Injection of Vasopressin Over the Uterine Fundus

DOI : 10.36205/trocar3.2023009

Fallopian Tube Recanalization (FTR) Outcome in Bilateral Non-Patent Tubes at Dr. Moewardi Hospital Surakarta – case report

DOI : 10.36205/trocar3.2023004

Diagnostic dilemma after unusual vagino-scopic finding of vaginal ulcers in a post-hysterectomy patient with vaginal bleeding – case report

DOI : 10.36205/trocar3.2023003

Delayed laparoscopic hysterectomy for placenta accreta in a postpartum setting – case report

DOI : 10.36205/trocar3.2023006

Complete septum removal with a new combined technique: Intrauterine Bigatti Shaver (IBS®) and scissors – video

DOI : 10.36205/trocar3.2023007

Ablation therapy: a new super-microinvasive treatment for uterine fibroids and adenomyosis

DOI : 10.36205/trocar3.2023001


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AD: Application video MetraBag – Dr. Noé (Dormagen); In this video we introduce you to the BOWA MetraBag. The MetraBag is the specimen and morcellation bag that enables the morcellation and specimen collection of the surgical specimen with low levels of cell dispersal for hysterectomy or myomectomy.

AD: ERGOact: The future is in your hands; With ERGOact, the first manually activated bipolar coagulation instrument, you operate without a foot switch for the first time in this instrument class. For more safety, control and comfort.

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