The Trocar Open Access Journal – 03/2021

Volume 2 – Issue 1. 2021
After a year of COVID19, the medical societies are fighting for funding
By Guenter Noé - Incoming President ISGE 2021

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On the one hand, the COVID19 crisis brought a so-called digitalization boost, but on the other hand it hit the traditional funding of the societies hard. At the beginning everyone wanted to show that they are still active and there were countless free teaching opportunities. The conference technology made it possible to register 500, 1000 or 5000 colleagues for conferences. Continue reading introduction …

The new extended ENZIAN Score for Endometriosis classification.

Index: TheTrocar Volume 2 – Issue 1. 2021

Original articles
Case Reports

Full articles open access

Improved reproductive outcomes in women with adenomyosis undergoing in vitro fertilisation following long term GnRH agonist downregulation: A case series

DOI: 10.36205/trocar1.2021002

Laparoscopic ischial spine colpopexy: a new approach and first single center experience

DOI: 10.36205/trocar1.2021005

Identical ovarian and deep pelvic endometriosis with colorectal involvement in monozygotic twins: a case report and review of the literature

DOI: 10.36205/trocar1.2021001

Hysteroscopic removal of Retained Intra-uterine Fetal Bone which causes secondary infertility: A case report

DOI: 10.36205/trocar1.2021003

Laparoscopic management of cesarean scar pregnancy: a case report and literature review

DOI: 10.36205/trocar1.2021004

Hemorrhagic ascites and pleural effusion: an uncommon presentation of endometriosis

DOI: 10.36205/trocarvid1.2021001

Laparoscopic management of a case of accessory cavitated uterine mass (ACUM)

DOI: 10.36205/trocarvid1.2021002


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AD: Application video MetraBag – Dr. Noé (Dormagen); In this video we introduce you to the BOWA MetraBag. The MetraBag is the specimen and morcellation bag that enables the morcellation and specimen collection of the surgical specimen with low levels of cell dispersal for hysterectomy or myomectomy.

AD: ERGOact: The future is in your hands; With ERGOact, the first manually activated bipolar coagulation instrument, you operate without a foot switch for the first time in this instrument class. For more safety, control and comfort.

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