• Authors: Sunita Tandulvadkar

  • Ureteral injury is one of the possible complications of endometriosis surgery.
    This video shws some techniques of hysteroscopic surgery in different patologies.

    The first case is a patient with unicornuate uterus that is often a cause of abortion because the uterine cavity is too narrow. The aim of the surgery is to enlarge the uterine cavity and to convert a tubular cavity in a triangular one and it is performed with cold scissors.
    The second case shows an adenomyoma protrudring inside the uterine cavity.

    The adenomyoma is vaporized with Bipolar Versapoint Electrode. The third procedure is the resection of a huge G0 8cm myoma. The fourth one shows the resection of a G1 submucous myoma using the Hydro-Massage technique. With this technique the myoma is progressively pushed inside the Uterine cavity by the uterine contractions.
    The last technique described is the cold knife enucleation performed using the Collins knife.