• Author: O. Sizzi / A. Rossetti
  • The video shows the case of multiple iatrogenic parasitic myomas.
    The patient was operated six years before, in another hospital for multiple myomas by laparoscopy. After the surgery she had a pregnancy and a vaginal delivery. Two years ago at a sonography was diagnosed a myoma ( probably an ovarian myoma) of 8 cm.

    At the follow-up the myoma was increased in volume. Six months before surgery the maximum diameter of the myoma was 13 cm. Her gynecologist referred her to our unit for surgery. When we introduced the optic in the abdomen we saw that the myoma was attached to the retroperitoneal tissue of the pelvic brim and to the Ileum mesenteric vessels.

    There was another smaller myoma attached to the abdominal wall. We dissected the myoma to the surrounding connective tissue after the coagulation of the feeding vessels, then we performed a total laparoscopic Hysterectomy. After the removal of the uterus we introduced through the vagina an endobag.
    The myoma was then morcellated by vaginal way inside the bag.