The Trocar Open Access Journal – 03/2024

Volume 5 – Issue 1. 2024
For billions of people, there is hardly any medical care available...
By Guenter Noé - Immediate Past President ISGE

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For billions of people, there is hardly any medical care available. This is partcularly difficult in remote areas of the world. Can modern information technology and artificial intelligence help in the future?
Artificial intelligence (AI) holds significant promise for transforming medicine in developing countries by improving healthcare access, diagnosis accuracy, treatment efficacy, and resource allocation. Some options AI could impact medicine in developing countries… Continue reading introduction …

Large Endometriosis of the Septum and a fresh opened ovarian Endometrioma

Index: TheTrocar Volume 5 – Issue 1. 2024

Article list

Full articles open access

Use of perioperative micro-colpo-hysteroscopy to evaluate margins of loop excision

DOI: 10.36205/ trocar5.2024005

Torsion of a subserosal leiomyoma: a rare cause of acute abdomen

DOI: 10.36205/trocar5.2024006

Laparoscopic Repair of Caesarean Scar Defect using Indocyanine Green

DOI: 10.36205/ trocar5.vid24001

Hysteroscopic findings in patients presenting with abnormal uterine bleeding in a Congolese population of Kinshasa

DOI: 10.36205/trocar5.2024001

Discovery of chylous mesenteric cyst as opposed to suspected paraovarian cyst

DOI: 10.36205/trocar5.2024004


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